British Army

The British Army is the land warfare branch of British Armed Forces in the United Kingdom. The army is deployed in many of the world's war zones as part of both Expeditionary Forces and in United Nations Peacekeeping forces. The British Army is currently deployed in Kosovo, Cyprus, Germany, Afghanistan, and many other places.

In contrast to the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, and Royal Air Force, the British Army does not include Royal in its title. Many of the Army's constituent Regiments and Corps have been granted the "Royal" prefix and have members of the Royal Family occupying senior positions within some regiments.

For those interested in broadening their horizons and looking for a way to participate in the British Army, there are two options for you: Regular or Territorial army service. Watch the video below and read the following pages to find out more about the differences between the full-time Regular Army and the part-time Territorial Army.

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